Pro-Life: Conscientious Objection

The Infinite Dignity of Human Beings, Part II

By Fr. Jeff | 04/30/2024

Last week I wrote Part I of this two-part series examining the new Declaration released by the Vatican Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, “Dignitas Infinita”.  This declaration discusses the topic human dignity, its source, types of dignity, and…

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The Infinite Dignity of Human Beings Part I

By Fr. Jeff | 04/23/2024

I have just completed the first of two articles on what “Dignitas Infinita” offers us. Part I makes frequent use of quotes. So, I am posting it in PDF formatting so that you can identify the quotes in block. It…

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Religious Freedom Today

By Fr. Jeff | 04/25/2023

The right to choose one’s religion is a basic human right. Yet Christians (and people of other religions) have faced persecution since Jesus Christ walked on this earth. Jesus himself was persecuted. Until Emperor Constantine issued the Edict of Milan…

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