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Four Years

By Fr. Jeff | 06/29/2011

This week I celebrate the fourth anniversary of my priestly ordination.  In four years, I have served in two very different parishes.  The first (St. Mary’s Southside) was a single church located in the City of Elmira but serving people…

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Who Determines Right and Wrong?

By Fr. Jeff | 06/24/2011

In our country where we believe in democratic principles, laws are passed by the majority vote of elected representatives (who were elected by getting the largest share of the vote – not necessarily a majority if there were more than…

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The Holy Trinity

By Fr. Jeff | 06/19/2011

As part of our diocesan initiative this year to help us better understand the Mass, here is the homily I gave today on the Holy Trinity.  All three persons of the Trinity are at work in the Mass and they…

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Dignity in Dying

By Fr. Jeff | 06/16/2011

People are living longer.  At the same time, many people face great suffering from illness (physical and mental) and aging.  Seeing other people dying or facing death themselves has led many people to argue for the right to die at…

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Back From Retreat

By Fr. Jeff | 06/11/2011

I just returned from a five day retreat at Bethany Retreat Center.  While not everyone can take five days, I encourage everyone to think about taking an annual retreat.  For those who work, many retreat centers offer weekend retreats. What…

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Render Unto Caesar

By Fr. Jeff | 06/11/2011

I recently finished reading Render Unto Caesar by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput (Doubleday: New York, 2008.)  The subtitle “Serving the Nation by Living Our Catholic Beliefs in Political Life” really speaks to his point, ‘we must stand up for what…

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By Fr. Jeff | 06/03/2011

Who do you trust?  Why do you trust them? I place my trust in God, or, at least that is always my goal.  I willingly put my trust in God because I know he won’t deceive me.  I know God…

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