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More on the New Missal

By Fr. Jeff | 08/28/2011

I wrote the article below for the parish bulletin to introduce a series of short articles to help us prepare for the new translations. Becoming Familiar with the New Translations of the Mass In January, we began to talk about…

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The Sacrament of Marriage

By Fr. Jeff | 08/20/2011

A primary responsibility of priests is the celebration of the sacraments.  Among them is the Sacrament of Marriage.  Deacons can also witness the Sacrament of Marriage.  I use the word “witness” deliberately because it is the couple that celebrate the…

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Jesus and the Way We Do Our Jobs

By Fr. Jeff | 08/15/2011

Some people seem to think our faith doesn’t have much to do with the way we do our jobs.  A person might say I am accountant or a engineer or work in a government office.  My job doesn’t relate to…

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By Fr. Jeff | 08/14/2011

Today, one of our churches at Our Lady of the Lakes Parish, St. Januarius’, celebrated the dedication of its newly renovated sanctuary.  The present church was built in the 1960’s.  Another one of our churches is having some roof work…

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Who Are We More Like in Faith?

By Fr. Jeff | 08/03/2011

Today’s readings (August 3, 2011) show two different responses of faith.  In the first reading, the Israelites are preparing to enter the promised land.  At God’s command, scouts are sent ahead to explore the area.  The scouts return with reports…

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