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CMA Homily

By Fr. Jeff | 09/27/2012

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B Wisdom 2:12, 17-20 James 3:16-4:3 Mark 9:30-37 September 23, 2012 The disciples of Jesus are discussing which of them is the greatest, not a good thing.  It’s pride and that would be a…

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Changing Bishops

By Fr. Jeff | 09/26/2012

If you live in the Diocese of Rochester in New York State, you probably have heard that Pope Benedict XVI has accepted the resignation for retirement of Bishop Matthew Clark and named Bishop Robert J. Cunningham of the Diocese of…

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The Election

By Fr. Jeff | 09/26/2012

If you watch the news at all, you are well aware that it is a presidential election year.  There will also be various other elections depending on where you live.  The issues remain the same ranging from abortion and euthanasia…

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Whose Responsible For the Religious Education of Our Children?

By Fr. Jeff | 09/17/2012

Here I share my homily from Sunday about how we learn about our faith. 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B Isaiah 50:4-9a James 2:14-18 Mark 8:27-35 September 16, 2012 Jesus asks his disciples “Who do people say that I…

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Celebrating the Good Things in Life

By Fr. Jeff | 09/15/2012

I have written here in recent months about how many funerals I do.  I see funerals as an opportunity to minister to the funeral, to let them know that we care and that God cares.  Being new in the parish,…

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Why Do Catholic Parishes Have Catholic Schools?

By Fr. Jeff | 09/11/2012

Last night we celebrated Mass for the beginning of the new school year followed by a dish-to-pass supper.  As the new pastor, it was my privilege to preside and preach at this Eucharist.  I would like to share my thoughts…

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Spiritual Hearing and Our Fears

By Fr. Jeff | 09/10/2012

Here is my homily for this past week.  In the past I haven’t posted many of my homilies here because I think most people reading this blog probably heard the homily in church.  So, I would only post the homily…

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Church Teaching, Social Justice and Labor Day

By Fr. Jeff | 09/02/2012

This weekend I spoke from the readings about Church Teaching, particularly Catholic Social Teaching and Labor Day.  Here is my homily.  I hope it leads you to reflect on the Labor Day Holiday and how God is calling you to…

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