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Being Ready

By Fr. Jeff | 08/27/2010

Today’s Gospel (August 27, 2010 -Friday, 21st Week in Ordinary Time) is a parable familiar to many, the Parable of the Ten Virgins.  All ten came when they heard the bridegroom was coming.  Five were well prepared and five were…

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My Ministry

By Fr. Jeff | 08/22/2010

I sit here thinking about what my ministry is really meant to be about.  Of course, the obvious answer is Jesus.  But that isn’t what I am trying to get at.  I work on lots of things like RCIA, baptismal…

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What To Write About?

By Fr. Jeff | 08/20/2010

This has been one of those weeks that I have been busy with the same things as of late, the parish website (, working on some written materials to use for RCIA, CMA (our annual diocesan appeal that will begin in…

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By Fr. Jeff | 08/13/2010

At Our Lady of the Lakes we are going to have our first meeting on stewardship in the parish this Tuesday (8/17/2010), which raises the question what is stewardship? Stewardship is a word that is becoming more commonly used in…

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Another Week Draws to a Close

By Fr. Jeff | 08/07/2010

Well, I have been at Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Community for five weeks now.  I continue to become involved in more things as each week passes.  This was probably my busiest week so far.  Fr. Bob was away…

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Finally, the new articles on Baptism and Original Sin Are Done!

By Fr. Jeff | 08/01/2010

I have finally finished the articles on baptism and original sin.  The web addresses are Baptism- Original Sin – Peace, Fr. Jeff

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