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I Don’t Understand

By Fr. Jeff | 05/07/2024

I don’t understand…I don’t understand so much of what goes on in the world today. I don’t understand the current protests occurring on college campuses in the United States.  I believe in the right of people to protest.  However, I…

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On the Brink of War

By Fr. Jeff | 04/16/2024

On Saturday I found myself wondering how close we were to seeing full scale war in the Middle East.  Beginning last fall I have been writing articles on the application of Just War Theory on the conflict between Israel and…

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Jesus Died for You

By Fr. Jeff | 04/02/2024

We just celebrated our Easter Triduum.  The Triduum begins with the Mass of the Lord’s Supper where Jesus instituted the Eucharist and the Priesthood.  It continues with the celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ’s death.  Yes, we celebrate his death. …

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There is Still Hope

By Fr. Jeff | 03/05/2024

Last week I wrote about the hope I saw in the Alabama State Supreme Court’s decision that “embryos are children” (“There is Hope in Alabama”).  Unfortunately, it is becoming clear that many people do not get the significance of the…

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There is Hope in Alabama

By Fr. Jeff | 02/27/2024

Last Tuesday, I read Daniel Payne’s article, “Alabama Supreme Court rules that embryos are children under state law,” (2/20/24.  Catholic News Agency.  Accessed online on 2/27/24 at  In the very first line he reported, “The Alabama Supreme Court has…

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Good News is Hard to Find

By Fr. Jeff | 02/20/2024

As I have said before, there are many people who choose not to watch the news because it is full of negativity.  I myself watch the news less than I used to because of the negativity along with seeing a…

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Are You Like David or Saul?

By Fr. Jeff | 01/23/2024

In recent days, the first readings at daily Mass have told the story of the “tension” between David and Saul.  Saul had named as the first king of Israel but failed to follow God’s direction.  David fights in Saul’s army…

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My Hopes for 2024

By Fr. Jeff | 01/01/2024

As we begin the new secular year of 2024, I don’t want to talk about resolutions today. It’s not that I think I’m perfect such that I don’t need to make improvements in my own behavior. I know I am…

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Understanding Antisemitism

By Fr. Jeff | 12/12/2023

Antisemitism has been a problem for a long time.  It is hostility and/or prejudice against Jews.  With the present fighting between Israel and Hamas, the news reports that antisemitism is rising across the world.  The increase is likely a reaction…

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Inspired by the Holy Spirit

By Fr. Jeff | 11/24/2023

After setting up for Mass this morning, I glanced at a Catholic news headline that said, “Dublin archbishop responds to stabbing of 3 children that sparked violent riots”. Ugh! Stabbing children? Why? Why? I clicked on the headline. Reading the…

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Why am I Catholic?

By Fr. Jeff | 11/21/2023

Why am I Catholic? Traditionally, the answer to the question why are you Catholic was, “Because my parents and grandparents are Catholic.” Being Catholic was part of our identity. One went to church for Christmas and Easter because that’s what…

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What’s It Going to Take for People to Realize the State of Things?

By Fr. Jeff | 11/14/2023

I hope I am not sounding like a broken record that keeps repeating itself.  Last week I wrote, “What’s It Going to Take to End the Violence.”  There I said the answer laid in tears that came from the depths…

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What’s It Going to Take to End the Violence?

By Fr. Jeff | 11/07/2023

There is a lot of violence in the world today. We see the wars between Israel and Hamas, and the Ukraine and Russia. How many mass shootings have there been recently in our Untied States? Maine, Cincinnati… What’s it going…

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Two Things

By Fr. Jeff | 10/31/2023

Once again, I will begin this week’s article with a brief discussion of the ongoing the conflict between Israel and Hamas (see my previous articles “Escalating Conflict,” 10/10/23, “The Importance of Building Relationships,” 10/17/23, “Is Life Being Respected” 10/24/23). Israel has now begun…

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Is Life Being Respected?

By Fr. Jeff | 10/24/2023

For the third week in a row, I find myself beginning a blog article by mentioning the conflict between Israel and Hamas (see “Escalating Conflict,” 10/10/23 and “The Importance of Building Relationships,” 10/17/23). The situation in Israel is important in…

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The Importance of Building Relationships

By Fr. Jeff | 10/17/2023

Last week I wrote about the escalating conflict between Hamas and Israel. Since then, the fighting has continued with many people injured or killed. It looks like Israel is preparing to go into Gaza with ground troops. Clearly the situation…

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Escalating Conflict

By Fr. Jeff | 10/10/2023

There is more fighting in the world than there was last week. The conflict between Israel and the Hamas is nothing new but the level of fighting escalated a few days ago. I heard one report said that the attacks…

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Do You Pray for the Church?

By Fr. Jeff | 10/03/2023

Do you pray for the church? There are two ways we can look at this question. First, if we consider the transcendent church, meaning the church that is beyond human institution, one might say why would I pray for the…

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One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church

By Fr. Jeff | 09/12/2023

Last Saturday I read a news story (Sarah Maddox, “Why thousands of U.S. congregations are leaving the United Methodist Church.” September 9, 2023. You may remember that in 2019, the United Methodist Church held a conference that discussed same-sex…

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The Speed of Change

By Fr. Jeff | 09/05/2023

Some people love change. I’m not one of them but I do believe some change is natural and not necessarily something to be feared. Change can be good. There is change we seek. It might starting a new job that…

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The News of Late

By Fr. Jeff | 08/22/2023

The national and world news has been a little different in the last week or two. First, I would like to mention the situation in Niger. Where is Niger? It’s in Africa. What happened? There was a coup by the…

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Two Good Decisions

By Fr. Jeff | 07/04/2023

Last week the United States Supreme Court issued decisions on two cases involving religious freedom. The first case was 303 Creative vs. Elenis (see Kevin J. Jones, “Supreme Court sides with web designer opposed to same-sex marriage” Catholic News Agency.…

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Religious Freedom Today

By Fr. Jeff | 04/25/2023

The right to choose one’s religion is a basic human right. Yet Christians (and people of other religions) have faced persecution since Jesus Christ walked on this earth. Jesus himself was persecuted. Until Emperor Constantine issued the Edict of Milan…

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Recent Pro-Life News

By Fr. Jeff | 04/18/2023

I write this during the second week of our Easter season. It is a season of resurrection. Thus, it is a season of life. If we are to enter into eternal life in the resurrection, we must first be good…

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The Need for Depth

By Fr. Jeff | 01/30/2023

Last week I wrote about how our lives can be superficial (“We Need to Look Into Our Hearts”). Today I would like to talk about how being superficial relates to problems in the world today. It starts with the question…

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