The Speed of Change

By Fr. Jeff | 09/05/2023

Some people love change. I’m not one of them but I do believe some change is natural and not necessarily something to be feared. Change can be good. There is change we seek. It might starting a new job that…

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By Fr. Jeff | 10/11/2021

In today’s gospel Jesus speaks of “generations.” We use the word “generation” to signify the changing of stages. Most often we use it in the sense of biological generations. When parents have children, the children began a new generation. Grandchildren…

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Where Do you Go to Find God?

By Fr. Jeff | 07/09/2021

As I settle into a new rectory, I look to shape the space in which I will pray. This rectory has enough rooms that I am able to dedicate a whole room to prayer and God. Many people may not…

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Seven Days In

By Fr. Jeff | 07/06/2021

I am now seven days into my new assignment at St. Mary’s of the Lake and St. Benedict’s. In my first article (“From an End to a Beginning”) after the move, I wrote about the people I was meeting and…

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From an End to a Beginning

By Fr. Jeff | 06/30/2021

Well, the change has finally taken place. Yesterday, June 29th, with the help of some good friends (a big thank you to them), we loaded my stuff into our vehicles at St. Luke the Evangelist Parish and left there about…

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Seven Days…

By Fr. Jeff | 06/21/2021

As I write this, I am just seven and a half days from moving from my current assignment as the Parochial Vicar at St. Luke the Evangelist Parish in western Livingston County to St. Mary’s of the Lake in Watkins…

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Resistance to Change

By Fr. Jeff | 06/04/2021

Since it was announced that I will be moving to a new assignment, I have written several articles related to change. The first one, “The Next Change”, started with the saying “change is inevitable.” For me, change almost seems a…

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Maintenance & Mission

By Fr. Jeff | 06/01/2021

Four weeks from today I will be moving to my new assignment at St. Mary’s of the Lake and St. Benedict’s. As I prepare to lead them, I continue to reflect on what it is that God calls us to.…

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What Does It Mean to Serve the People?

By Fr. Jeff | 05/28/2021

In my last article, “Hopes and Dreams”, I spoke of helping people and leading people to Jesus. In my past article, “What Sort of Church Should We Be?”, I spoke of serving the people. Today I would like to write…

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Hopes and Dreams

By Fr. Jeff | 05/25/2021

As preparations continue for me to transition to St. Mary’s of the Lake and St. Benedict’s at the end of June, a couple of people from there have asked me about my “hopes and dreams” for the parish. It is…

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Why is Change Difficult?

By Fr. Jeff | 05/07/2021

After learning I would be moving to another parish at the end of June, in mid-April I wrote an article, “The Next Change.” In that article, I talked about the inevitability of change, that we are not alone in needing…

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Having What It Takes

By Fr. Jeff | 04/27/2021

As I prepare to move to another parish, I reflect on what God has called me to do at St. Luke’s and what God will be calling me to do at St. Mary’s of the Lake and St. Benedict’s. In…

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The Next Change

By Fr. Jeff | 04/19/2021

There is a saying that change is inevitable. Change certainly seems common. Once again I am about to experience a change in my parish assignment. It was announced this weekend that I will be leaving St. Luke the Evangelist Parish…

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