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Easter is a Time of New Life

By Fr. Jeff | 04/24/2011

On Good Friday, Jesus died for us.  On Easter, he rose to new life and he promises a share in the new life in his Father’s kingdom to all who believe in him.  We enter into that new life in…

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The Triduum is Upon Us

By Fr. Jeff | 04/22/2011

This is the holiest time of the year.  Last night (Thursday), we celebrated the Institution of the Eucharist and the Washing of the Feet.  Today is Good Friday, the day which we celebrate the Crucifixion of Jesus.  Yes, we celebrate…

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More Words For God

By Fr. Jeff | 04/16/2011

Here are some more of my thoughts on words we use to describe God. Potter – Isaiah 64:7 says “Yet, O LORD, you are our father; we are the clay and you the potter: we are all the work of…

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Jesus’ Hour Draws Near

By Fr. Jeff | 04/16/2011

This weekend we begin Holy Week.  Easter is the highest day of the year for it is the day we celebrate the Resurrection.  Yet, to properly understand Easter, we cannot just look at the Resurrection itself.  We must look at…

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More Words

By Fr. Jeff | 04/14/2011

We continue to talk about words people use to describe God.  Today I turn to some “negative” words Trickster/Joker – I was a little surprised to see trickster/joker on the list.  I don’t know if I have ever heard God…

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More Words for Jesus

By Fr. Jeff | 04/12/2011

Today I take a look at some more positive words for God. Friend – Without a doubt, God is a friend.  A friend is someone you share close moments with.  A friend is someone you can count on to always be there. …

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Some Negative Descriptions

By Fr. Jeff | 04/07/2011

Today, I continue to talk about “negative” words that some people use to describe God.  Of course, when I use the term “negative” I am already beginning to show my disapproval of the term. Punisher – Does God want to…

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Using Words to Describe God

By Fr. Jeff | 04/05/2011

Here I continue with a few more words one might use to describe God.  For the rest of the series, see “Images of God”.  Everlasting/Eternal – These two words appear together on the list I am working from but I don’t…

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Stations of the Cross

By Fr. Jeff | 04/03/2011

Recently, a couple of people asked me if Pope John Paul II had changed the Stations of the Cross in 1991.  They had been reading in one of the many lenten prayer books that available and it said that Pope…

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More Words to Describe God

By Fr. Jeff | 04/02/2011

A couple of days ago I started to write about words that people might use to describe God.  I started with tyrant, policeman, and stern judge.  Today, I would like to reflect on some positive words. All Powerful One –…

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