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Death and Life

By Fr. Jeff | 07/30/2011

The post that follows is the article I wrote for the cover of our bulletin at Our Lady of the Lakes for July 31, 2011. Death & Life Jesus knows what it is like to lose a loved one. Today’s…

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Knowing Our Strengths and Our Weaknesses

By Fr. Jeff | 07/23/2011

God has given each of us many gifts.  No one has all the gifts but working together as a community of believers we have all the gifts we need.  We begin working together by each recognizing our strengths and our…

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By Fr. Jeff | 07/13/2011

Is change a bad thing or a good thing? There are people who resist any change.  Their argument may be as simple as ‘we have been doing it this way for years.’  On the other extreme are people who seem…

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By Fr. Jeff | 07/09/2011

Forgiveness can be a difficult thing.  It can be difficult to forgive someone when they do something that hurts us.  It can also be difficult to accept forgiveness that is offered to us after we have hurt someone.  When someone…

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What Do You Like to Read About?

By Fr. Jeff | 07/02/2011

You may have noticed in the last few months I haven’t written as much as I used to.  Generally, I make a point to write something here at least once a week.  I write more often as Spirit inspires me. …

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