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More on Respecting the Dead

By Fr. Jeff | 03/28/2023

Last Sunday (5th Sunday of Lent Year A), the first reading began, “Thus says the Lord GOD: O my people, I will open your graves and have you rise from them.” This points us to a future resurrection. In the gospel, we…

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I am the Resurrection and the Life

By Fr. Jeff | 03/26/2023

In the midst of the Babylonian Exile God offers Ezekiel a vision that points to the Resurrection and new life (first reading – read all of chapter 37 for the whole story). The Lord promises that He will open our…

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Maybe You Heard (or Maybe Not)

By Fr. Jeff | 03/21/2023

You may have heard there are changes coming to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The changes will be mandatory as of Divine Mercy Sunday, which falls on April 16th this year (2023). (The changes were optional as of Ash Wednesday this…

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From Darkness to Light

By Fr. Jeff | 03/19/2023

In today’s gospel we hear the story of the man who was born blind. In those days, serious illnesses like blindness were seen as punishment for sin. So, seeing the man who was been blind from birth, Jesus’ disciples ask…

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Our Needs vs. Our Wants

By Fr. Jeff | 03/14/2023

I write this today as the northeast portion of our country is dealing with a major snowstorm. There are parts of eastern New York State that may see 2-3 inches/hour. Today, I am going to begin by talking about the…

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3rd Sunday of Lent, Year A – Homily

By Fr. Jeff | 03/12/2023

3rd Sunday of Lent, Year AExodus 17:3-7Psalm 95:1-2, 607, 8-9 (8)Romans 5:1-2, 5-8John 4:5-42March 12, 2023 Jesus is making his way through Samaria.  “Tired from his journey,” He pauses to rest at the well. While He is sitting at the…

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New Video Completing Series on the Eucharist

By Fr. Jeff | 03/10/2023

Last night I completed my series of presentations, The Eucharist: The Greatest Gift with Part III. You can see Part III at You can see the entire series at For the next few days you can complete at…

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Does the Profound Deserve a Capital Letter?

By Fr. Jeff | 03/07/2023

After a few weeks of some in-depth reflection articles, today I would like to offer a simpler and brief reflection. I pose a question, “Does the profound deserve a capital letter?”. In school we learn the English rules of grammar.…

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Do We Give Control to God?

By Fr. Jeff | 03/05/2023

Our first reading today comes from Genesis 12 where the story of Abram, who God would later rename “Abraham.” Before this passage, the only mention of Abraham is his genealogy presented in Genesis 11:10-32. These four verses in today’s first…

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Registration Link for Part III of “The Greatest Gift: The Eucharist”

By Fr. Jeff | 03/02/2023

Hello all, I finally got the Zoom account updated.  So, here is the registration link for Part III of my series “The Greatest Gift: The Eucharist” – coming up on Thursday, March 9th at 6:30 pm.   I hope you can join…

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