Promoting Understanding

Those of you who are regular readers of my blog know that I am passionate about helping people understand Catholic teaching. With that in mind, I have just finished the largest paper I have ever written and put it on my website. I wrote simply to help people understand a very difficult topic, gender.

This paper should not be used as a weapon against transgenderism. It is a tool to promote understanding and compassionate dialogue. It is writing with loving concern for those who struggle with confusion about their gender, for their families, and to help everyone act in a Christian way towards those who struggle with gender confusion.

That being said, the document is Towards Dignity and Truth:  Compassionate Dialogue and Pastoral Response on Transgenderism. You can use this link to access this document directly. You can find other articles I have written on our Catholic understanding of sexuality at “Catholic Morality and Sexuality” on my website.

Please read this with an open heart and I suggest not trying to read it all at once.


Fr. Jeff

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